Long-distance couple ties the knot by The Houston Chronicle


Long-distance couple ties the knot at Houston landmark.

When musician Russell Hudson wrecked his car in 2003, he decided to buy a guitar instead of new wheels. The incident left him without insurance or transportation, so the Austinite walked down the hill from his Zilker Park apartment and into Tacodeli, the original Spyglass location. His order? Completely off the menu - he asked for a job. "They were still a hole-in-the-wall taqueria back then," Hudson says. "I'm pretty committed. I found my place with them." Fast-forward 10 years and several promotions. Russell is now general manager of the BYOB taco chain, a drummer in the band Seven Circles and no longer lives in those hillside apartments. He's now a Houston resident, thanks to Stacey Szydlik. 

One day, the striking brunette walked down the same hill and into Tacodeli while a certain manager was working. Their eyes met, and a three-month flirtation ensued. "It became this cat-and-mouse game," he says. Later, their paths crossed again at a restaurant downtown during South by Southwest. "I was out to dinner at Sway with my bandmates, celebrating the completion of our album, when I saw her. I couldn't stop looking over my shoulder to watch her."

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Kate Davis