There are a million blogs why are you adding to the flock?

Yes, I am starting a blog. Do I read blogs ever? No. So why am I starting a blog? 

1. To go more in depth on my flower, food and traveling experiences with you! 

2. Because the internet is dead and needs more puns. So you're welcome. 

3. To maybe inspire you to pursue flower, food or travel dreams! And that you can be broke AF and still make the best of your experiences! 

So I will be doing a rotation every blog between flowers, food and traveling. Just to keep things interesting. I really want you all to get inspired by everything that is happening with Amanda Bee's (and hubby Andrew Bee). Maybe someday you will be writing a blog about your flower adventures as a budding florist (heh) or a foodie going around Houston and figuring out how culturally diverse this amazing city is! 

Flowers are always a good idea.