What is a posey?


A bundle of botanical beauty!

A posey is an assortment of fresh flowers designed in a butcher paper wrapping. This type of delivery service is inspired by the vibrant flower carts on the musty streets of London. They're filled with beautiful posey bouquets wrapped in paper—as if it they were just picked in the field! Customers are able to take their fresh flowers home and either, remove the paper and place them in a vase OR have the ability to be creative and design a beautiful centerpiece for their dinner table.

The Language of Flowers.

Included in your posey is a small "mood board" that takes the botanicals' translation from the language of flowers! But, what is the language of flowers?

During the Victorian Era, floriography became commonly used to express secret messages that Victorian etiquette may have deemed unacceptable to share openly. The language of flowers involved more than the simple meaning given to a flower. It also referred to the combining, presenting, and even the receiving of flowers. Proper etiquette often limited communications based on people of another social status, of a different gender, or within social situations. To get around these limitations, many would arrange flowers to express a secret message, then deliver it to whom they wished to receive their message.

HOw it works

Whether for you, or someone you love, our new Posey Delivery Service is the perfect solution for every occasion. If you’re looking for something unique and thoughtful, Posies are the way to go! Each week flowers are hand selected for their freshness and unique aesthetic, then crafted into three different sizes.

Every posey comes with a “mood board” listing each botanical’s name, along with its meaning in the Language of Flowers. Include a special, hand written note, or keep it anonymous; either way the delivery is sure to make someone smile.

Posies starting at $35

Orders + deliveries

Order your posies as early as a month in advance, or up to 10 am the day of. As long as we don't sell out, your delivery date is up to you!

All residential deliveries are made on Tuesdays & Fridays 12pm to 6pm. 
All commercial deliveries are made 11am to 5pm. 

What if the recipient isn't home? We will always make contact with the recipient and/or the sender to ensure the posey gets to its new home safely—whether that means leaving it on the porch in a shady area, or with a kind neighbor. Once the posey has been delivered, we will contact the sender to inform them their posey has been received! 


Fresh flowers are a way of life!

An 8-week subscription means you will receive a posey a week for 8 weeks.
In addition to your posey, we gift the recipient with a pair of floral clippers and vase! 


Honey Bee:

8 week single posey delivery + clippers + vase



Bumble Bee:

8 week double posey delivery + clippers + vase




Queen Bee:

8 week triple posey delivery + clippers + vase



Custom Queen Bee:

8 week triple vase arrangement delivery,
Includes a pre-designed arrangement in a new vase every week.